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We're excited to hear from you! Whether your business is interested in a starting a Bulk BuyBack Quote today or you're just interested in learning more about the different value-add services we provide, we would love to be in touch with you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions, comments, feedback, concerns, or just a general hello – we're here to serve you and stand behind our services!


We Provide Fast, Safe & Reliable Enterprise Level Wireless BuyBack Solutions Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm EST

Simply contact us by phone, e-mail, or fill out our online contact form. A Bulk BuyBack representative will be happy to speak with you further about our program and the ways in which we can assist you with your wireless recycling and data protection needs.
No, never! In fact, we pay you for your old electronics. We even provide FREE shipping via FedEx and you get to choose between your payment preference of check or PayPal.
Yes. We provide FREE PrePaid shipping labels via FedEx and you can even schedule a pickup directly from your facilities for your convenience. Please contact a Bulk BuyBack representative for further details.
Bulk BuyBack does not require you to delete any information from your devices prior to shipping to our facilities. Bulk BuyBack adheres to the most comprehensive and stringent data protection services in the industry. All of our employees are screened prior to employment and are highly trained mobile technicians. Our facilities are under constant video surveillance with limited access to inventory. All devices are wiped both manually and with automated software to their original factory settings using Department of Defense scrubbing standards to assure your data is safe. Additionally, all SIM cards and external memory cards are immediately removed and shredded upon entering our facilities. We record every item down to the IMEI and/or Serial Number detail to ensure that every device we receive is accounted for.

Please make sure that your devices are no longer attached to your account if you are sending in mobile phones. Additionally, please be sure to include batteries for your devices so we can test them as quick as possible.

We'll take care of all the data removal, Quality Control audit, and end user reconciliation.

No, we do not require that you send us an inventory list prior to sending your devices in. However, if you have one, our Quality Control Unit will gladly cross reference it against their final Reconciliation Report. Additionally, knowing which devices you are sending in prior to us receiving them will allow us to offer you an estimated quote as to the value of your mobile devices.

As long as the device is fully functional, we will still purchase it. In most cases, we even purchase non-functioning devices. Your account representative will provide more detail regarding which devices are eligible for buyback versus which devices will be recycled at the time of sale based on current market prices.

We receive two shipments of devices each day – one morning delivery around 11AM and one afternoon delivery around 2PM. As soon as packages arrive at our facility they are immediately sorted by our highly trained shipping receivers at the package level.

Packages are then sorted at the device level based on their reusability. Devices that have value on the secondary market are passed to our data security team for wiping, testing and quality assurance. Devices that do not have resale value are recycled responsibly free of charge with an e-Stewards certified member.

Bulk BuyBack responsibly recycles obsolete phones and devices with only certified e-Stewards recycling members who commit to a zero landfill/zero export policy. Additionally, all recyclers must possess ISO 9000 and/or ISO 14001/ISO 14004 certifications and a documented Environmental Management System (EMS).

Once our Quality Control Unit completes their inspection of your devices, your account representative will contact you and send you their Reconciliation Report. This includes a payout summary page which shows you the total amount of money you will be receiving for your devices, broken down by model. The report then breaks down each model item by item down to the individual IMEI and/or Serial Number to give you a line by line detailed explanation of how much each individual device was worth and the condition assessment it received from our QC Unit. This level of detail is unparalleled in the BuyBack industry and one of the strongest indicators of the level of service we offer our corporate clients.

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