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About Bulk BuyBack

Your Single Source Wireless Partner

We simplify the wireless buyback world for carriers, retailers and enterprise business

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Company Overview

Other companies tell you they can't take certain devices and only cherry-pick top of the line smartphones and premium products. We understand that not every business needs to have a shiny new device out in the field – certain jobs require a rugged device to withstand wear and tear and simply get the job done – we take those devices too. Chances are we even pay for them when others won't even let you send them in. And if we can't pay for them? We'll recycle them for free.
Why? We get business and we treat your business as our business.

Our Vision

Bulk BuyBack is focused on delivering cost-effective single source supply chain solutions for mobile carriers, retailers, insurance providers and enterprise level businesses. In a constantly evolving technological market, we are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding our client’s most stringent quality and environmental standards through continuous innovation and high-quality service.

We're building Wireless BuyBack Software Solution Platforms that are intuitive to use and powered to change the wireless industry forever. Using our industry leading knowledge of the mobile trade-in world, we are able to leverage our existing relationships within global markets to recover maximum value from your old devices and pass those benefits along to you.

Our Values

Bulk BuyBack powered by BuyBackWorld believes in the following:


Wireless devices contain confidential data and we appreciate the trust you place in Bulk BuyBack to handle this in a secure setting.


We view each Bulk BuyBack transaction as an opportunity to develop a working relationship with a new business partner for years to come.


Each Bulk BuyBack transaction isn't just about making sure we're doing the right thing all of the time, it's about ensuring that we're doing the right thing for you all of the time.


The wireless industry is always changing and it's our job to anticipate trends and turn them into industry-leading wireless buyback solutions.

Environmental Sustainability: It’s a Team Effort

In a world where asset disposition and "being green" have become obligations, there has never been a more prominent need for a true business partner focused on the proper disposition of your organization's e-waste.

"Being Green" Bulk BuyBack Best Practices

  • Reduce by Reuse – sustainable electronics life-cycle management that maximizes reuse of old electronics
  • A non-export, zero landfill policy for every piece of electronics equipment we receive
  • Working exclusively with e-Stewards Recycling members

In Order to Partner with Bulk BuyBack Companies must

  • Be a Certified e-Stewards Recycling member
  • Commit to a zero landfill, zero export policy
  • Commit to a process where the health and safety of recycling workers are never at risk
  • Commit to not use prisoners as processors without all the protections and benefits of private work sectors

All Recyclers must have the following

  • ISO 9000 and/or ISO 14001/ISO 14004 certifications
  • Documented Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Safe and environmentally friendly workplace
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality and environmental responsibility

Devices Recovered


in Reclaimed Value

2.0million pounds

Kept Out of Landfills

From the Partners

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the website. My name is Andreas Leptourgos and I serve as the Chief Executive Officer of both and

BuyBackWorld began in 2009 as a vision for a better use of electronics on the secondary market. Since that time, we have taken a small concept and made it into a huge reality. Through our direct to consumer retail site,, we now service over 10,000 trade-ins per month. During that time we have also serviced various businesses and helped them with logistics management, IT Asset Disposal, and the Recycling, Remarketing and Redeployment of their old, unwanted electronics.

Applying those same principles we garnered from our retail experience to corporate organizations has allowed us to finally formalize a separate, completely tailored business solution for our corporate clients. At BuyBackWorld, we acknowledge that innovation and change are key driving forces of successful businesses in the modern era and aim to provide a dynamic service that not only evolves with your business, but honors the values of your organization's core competencies.

Our goal is to maximize the reuse and resale value of each asset where possible and recycle assets with no value in a matter exceeding environmental regulations and industry standards. This is accomplished by removing idle, excess and obsolete inventory from your organization, making it possible for new, revenue generating inventory to enter the channel.

I hope you find our service professional, easy to use and very rewarding. We are dedicated to delivering on all of our promises and offering you a service that surpasses your expectations.


Andreas Leptourgos

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Dear Colleagues,

Driven by a boundless passion for technology, the internet, and philanthropy, Steve's overwhelming enthusiasm resonates through his every contribution to the growth and development of BuyBackWorld and the company's relationship with its clients, stakeholders, and employees. Since the company's inception in 2009, Steve has played a vital and dedicated role in every aspect of the company's growth and development, building the business from the ground up. Described by his friends and peers as an extremely hard-working "night-owl entrepreneur," Steve can typically be found working tirelessly day and night, with the help of a large cups of coffee, to nurture BuyBackWorld's through its period of hyper-growth and expansion.

Steve brings nearly 10 years experience in e-commerce, online marketplace solutions, mobile technology, and consumer electronics. Possessing a unique "connection" with the internet since he was a child, Steve understands and appreciates the importance of how a business needs to deliver its service to its clients through the World Wide Web in a first class way. He also firmly believes that an excellent customer service experience is essential to developing a brand that is both trusted and appreciated by its customers, citing Walt Disney's famous quote, "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

Steve emphasizes that it is these principles along with delivering on promises that are at the heart of how BuyBackWorld does business. It is these guiding principles that resonate through his enthusiastic management style and keeps new clients coming through the door.

Prior to coming on full time as COO of BuyBackWorld, Steve worked at the top tier financial services institution Morgan Stanley for 3 years. He left the firm shortly after a promotion to Associate to pursue his dream as a full time entrepreneur in the internet and technology space.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Villanova University's Villanova School of Business.

Favorite electronic devices: Blackberry Bold smartphone, which is super-glued to his hand and ear, and his Nintendo 64 game system, which he still refuses to upgrade and sell to BuyBackWorld.


Steven J. Francess

COO and Co-Founder