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Bulk BuyBack Powered By BuyBackWorld

Client Driven. Client Focused.

Bulk BuyBack Powered By BuyBackWorld works with businesses and corporations of all sizes to maximize residual value from your current smartphones and tablets, enhance your environmental creditability, and increase your bottom line all at the same time.


The Bulk BuyBack Process

Bulk BuyBack was designed with the corporate client in mind. After watching our consumer trade-in business flourish under BuyBackWorld, we knew we had to offer a larger scale version in order to better serve our corporate clients. Bulk BuyBack is focused on empowering businesses and corporations to take a more sustainable, secure and cost-effective approach to mobile wireless recycling. We know our clients take this responsibility very seriously and so do we.

Order Placement

Free Shipping

Secure Data Removal

End User Reporting

The Bulk BuyBack Advantage

The difference is in the details.

The Bulk BuyBack Process

We look forward to helping your company get started with Bulk BuyBack. Simply contact us by phone, e-mail, or fill out our online contact form. A Bulk BuyBack representative will be happy to speak with you further about our program and the ways in which we can assist you with your wireless recycling and data protection needs. Starting an instant online quote for your company is fast and easy using our upfront quote generator or by sending us a spreadsheet of a list of the devices you are looking to sell.

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Recover Maximum Value

Our industry-leading buyback pricing and expertise ensure you recover the maximum value for your current fleet of old smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We’ve streamlined the buyback process with our automated Bulk BuyBack Portal and offer simplified pricing on the largest database of products to allow your business to sell more devices than ever.

Dedicated Account Management

The Bulk BuyBack process was designed to be as seamless and hands-off for you as possible so a large component of that approach are our pro-active account reps. Every order is assigned a dedicated account rep to provide complete end-to-end management of your company's devices so you get real answers from a real human in real time.

Secure Data Removal

The protection and integrity of our customer's confidential information is our highest priority. Bulk BuyBack uses the latest automated data sanitization tools to ensure the secure data removal for all devices and is compliant with world-class industry standards so you can rest assure that your data is protected. To provide you with the peace of mind that your devices are handled in a secure manner, we record every item down to the IMEI and/or Serial Number level to ensure that every device we receive is accounted for and detail this in our end-user QC Report which is available to you in both PDF and CSV (filterable) formats.

Cost-Free Shipping

Bulk BuyBack offers completely FREE shipping via FedEx or the USPS and we can even schedule a pickup directly from your facilities for your convenience. Bulk BuyBack will create a customized logistics plan to streamline the buyback of your company’s devices to ensure they arrive from your facilities to ours in a quick and efficient manner.

Comprehensive Device Checkpoints

Front / Rear Cameras Both cameras are fully functional and capture true images which are clear without any issues. Autofocus, flash and video recording is smooth.
Ear Speaker Earpiece audio is not cracking or distorted
Clear for Activation You can connect your device on your network and make and take calls with no issues
Power Button The button is not jammed or stuck and powers the device on and off normally
Touchscreen The screen is completely responsive and is not cracked, damaged or malfunctioning. There are no dead pixels or blotches on the LCD and the backlight is bright.
Silent Toggle The silent button mutes the device and doesn't get stuck
Volume Buttons Both volume buttons work and are fully responsive.
Battery The battery is able to take a charge and hold a charge without any issues
SIM Cards You can insert your SIM Card and connect to your carrier
Water Damage The device is not water damaged
Restored The device is fully reset and restored to factory settings just like a device you would buy from the store
Web & Data You can surf the web, use GPS and text with friends
Home Button The home button operates smoothly and is fully functional
Charging Port The device charges normally and passes data via USB when connected to a computer
Microphone The mic records clearly and your voice commands work
Headphone Jack You can plug in a pair of headphones and hear audio with no issues
Loudspeaker The loudspeaker works so you can hear audio and use your speakerphone

Closed-Loop Logistics

Customized Logistics

Customized logistics for your company are all handled through our cloud-based Bulk BuyBack system with no integration required on your end. Automated BuyBack Quotes, tracking and reporting are all instantly accessible to you through our Bulk BuyBack Portal. We can develop a custom buyback program for your company and have the ability to track all mobile devices by location, cost center and department with the capability to provide reporting back to you in both detail and summary views.

Flexible Payment Options

Bulk BuyBack empowers businesses of all sizes to reduce their obsolete devices by providing financial incentives for your old technology so that your company can upgrade your mobile hardware on a more frequent basis and stay up to date with the latest technology trends. Payments are facilitated through convenient and fully accountable payout methods such as checks sent with tracking or direct deposits sent through PayPal or by wire transfer. We help your business do more by providing payment in a timely fashion so that you can remain focused on your business while we focus on the buyback aspect of the business.

Robust Reporting Tools

All devices are tracked at a serialized level and our QC Reports offer serialized order reconciliation down to the IMEI level sent in both PDF and CSV (filterable) formats. We have the capacity and capability to quickly process and report all activity including receipt information, data sanitization verification, environmental disposition and asset values in both detail and summary views.